Service Desk Help

Step 1 - Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Download and install the QuickBooks WebConnector (
  2. Check the QuickBooks website for the latest information on whether the WebConnector is supported for your edition and version of QuickBooks, and how to configure it for your QuickBooks Desktop environment.
  3. Download and install the Service Desk QuickBooks QWC file to enable the connection to Service Desk. This is available from the Settings - Integrations - QuickBooks - QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. It is also available via the URL (after logging in) https://[yourinstall].maxdesk.[tld]/admin/qbqwc.

    The WebConnector must be installed on the computer that is housing the QB Desktop application for the invoice export to work.
  5. Run the QWC file as QuickBooks administration user, and select Add Application.
  6. Authorise the QuickBooks WebConnector with your Service Desk username and password.
  7. The WebConnector is configurable. You can select auto run with a time interval or you can trigger this initial run by using the Update Selected option in QuickBooks WebConnector. The first run-through is important and will import a current list of customers and sales line items to Service Desk.

Once this first run has been performed, you will be able to configure Sales Line Items and Taxation rules in Service Desk and export time and cost records from Service Desk directly into QuickBooks.