Service Desk Help

Viewing Assets

To view asset details:

  1. Click on the Assets icon in the Navigation panel to open the Sites page. All customers you can access are listed alphabetically in the left panel and all sites are listed alphabetically in the main panel.
  2. Click on a customer in the left-hand panel to view all assets for that customer.
  3. Click View alongside an asset to view details.
  4. The following information is displayed:

    Field Description
    Details panel Displays asset details including the default Site, Cost and Location - and any other details pulled in from the asset type used to create the asset. See Adding Assets.
    Site The site where the asset is based.
    Cost The cost of the asset
    Location information Where the asset is located e.g. server room
    Take Control

    Only displayed if your installation is integrated with Remote Management & Monitoring. Click on the Take Control button to download .tvc file which, after installation on your computer, allows you to initiate a TeamViewer or Connect session with the remote device.

    Please be aware that any Take Control, TeamViewer or Connect connections established from within Service Desk will automatically generate an entry in the User Audit Report in RMM against the Agent Key for the account.
    Create warranty/renewal reminder Click this to create a reminder in the Create warranty or renewal reminder dialog. See Reminders.
    Notes tab Any notes added to the asset when brought in from RMM or added in Service Desk.
    Related Tickets tab Any related tickets with which the asset is associated. Displays ticket status, any SLA breaches and the ticket queue. Click to open the ticket in the Tickets facility.
    RM Information tab Available information about the device, brought over from RMM e.g device serial number etc.
    Reminders tab Any reminders set up for that asset.