Service Desk Help

Replace RMM API Key in Service Desk

To allow Service Desk to extract the necessary data from Remote Management & Monitoring you must ensure that Service Desk has the correct RMM API key stored. If RMM's API key is changed in RMM it also must be changed in Service Desk.

We advise that you do this from the Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard - but you can also update the API key in Service Desk.

From the RMM Dashboard:

  1. Go to Settings - PSA Integration - Send MAX RM API Key to Service Desk:
  2. Confirm this by entering your password and click OK to send.

From Service Desk:

You can also change the RMM API key in Service Desk but we advise that you use the instructions above to send from the RMM Dashboard.
  1. In Service Desk go to Settings - Integrations - MAX Remote Management and click to open the API key tab.
  2. Replace the current API key with the newly created one and click Save.