Service Desk Help

Add Time Entry

You can add a Time Entry to a Service Desk ticket from two areas in the RMM Dashboard:

  1. In the Outages tab, click on the link in the PSA Ticket column of an outage. The Outage Info dialog is displayed.
  2. Alternatively, from the Checks tab, click on the link in the More Information column to open the More Information... dialog and click on the Current Outage tab.

  3. In the Time tab click on Add Time.
  4. Enable the Time is billable checkbox if you want the time spent on the ticket to be billed.
  5. Enter a Summary if required.
  6. The Date defaults to today's date, but you can change if necessary.
  7. The Start Time defaults to the current time, you can change that too if required.
  8. The default End Time is an hour from the current time, change that if you need to.
  9. Click Save to save and Close to close the dialog.