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Version 2.8.3

July 2017

  • New Scheduled Report Type - The new Ticket Activity report allows you to report on tickets opened and closed per customer over a specified data range. See Scheduled Reports.


February 2017

  • New colour picker in Staff Agent settings - You can now choose the colour that represents each agent in the Site Visit Schedule. See View and Edit Agent Details.
  • New file attachment types accepted - You can now upload .msg files and the following archive file types: .zip, .rar, .7z, .tgz, .tar and .rep. See Managing Ticket Attachments.

Version 2.8

August 2016

  • Centralised ticket attachment management feature - You can now view, add and delete ticket and response attachments from one easy-to-access page. See Managing Ticket Attachments.
  • New Staff Operations report - Provides breakdown of Staff Agents and totals of all closed tickets, associated responses, time entries, total time spent and SLA Breaches. See Operations Report.
  • Reset Two-factor Authentication Facility - For individual Staff Agents. See Reset Two-factor Authentication for Agent.
  • Legend on Site Visit Schedule - Multiple agent view now displays legend for agents and associated colours on the site visit schedule. See Site Visit Schedule.

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