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Release Archive

Version 2.7.1

June 2016

May 2016

  • Mobile app v1.1 now available on Android - The Service Desk mobile app is now available on Android. See Service Desk Mobile App for information on how you and your field service engineers can benefit from mobile access to site visits, tickets, customers and many location tracking features.

Version 2.7

May 2016

  • Session timeout improvements - You can now define the session inactivity timeout period and schedule notification when this approaches. See Installation Settings.
  • Ticket response CC'd recipients - Include more recipients in ticket response emails - and if required you can choose to add CC'd recipients of the original email. See Viewing and Managing Tickets.
  • Mark customers, tickets and site visits with star - Use the star feature to mark customers and tickets for future filtering purposes.
  • Summary contract information added to Customer view - Summary info panel now shows contract name and hours remaining. Click on the contract name to open contract details. See Viewing and Editing Customers.
  • Reassign ticket(s) when unlinking RMM users - When unlinking a Staff Agent or customer end-user imported from Remote Management & Monitoring you can now reassign their tickets to another user. See Unlinking RMM Staff Agents and End-users from Service Desk.
  • Multiple attachment support when creating or responding to tickets - See Response options
  • PDF export option added to reports - The Ticket Closure Report, SLA Breach Report, Tickets by Asset Report, Tickets by Customer Report, Opportunities Report and Staff Agent Activity Report all now can be exported to PDF from the Export Report dropdown. See Reporting.

Version 2.6.1

March 2016

  • Service Desk mobile app - Is now available for iPhones and is designed to make life much easier for engineers who are out and about and need access to site visit details, tickets and customer information. See Service Desk Mobile App
  • Agent location map - Track your agent locations as they move from one site visit to another. See Agent Locations.

Version 2.6

February 2016

This key Service Desk release brings the following enhancements:

  • Customers: New search facility on Customer Users and Customer Contacts tabs. Helps to find users/contacts quickly when large number stored in the system.
  • Customers: Attachment upload - New upload facility in the Customer - Attachments tab. See Customer Attachments.
  • Customers: Custom fields - New feature allows you to add custom fields to Customer - Overview and Customer - Contacts tabs. See Customer Custom Fields and Customer Contacts Custom Fields.
  • Customers: Create new customer when creating a ticket - You can now create a new customer while creating a ticket. See Adding a Customer and Creating a Ticket Manually.
  • Search facility - Extended search to cover time entry details. See Search Facility.
  • Contracts: Current Status view - New current status link in Contracts page gives a summary view of current contract details and status. See Viewing Current Contract Status.
  • Reporting - Additional External ref column included in all ticket and cost reports
  • Reporting: SLA breach report - Now displays the total number of SLA breaches in the given time frame. See SLA Breach Report.
  • Live chat - Talk to a support engineer. Available from the Help dropdown. See Application Overview.

Version 2.5.2

January 2016

LOGICcards is now available within Service Desk for linked agents, in addition to your Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard. As the first RMM knowledge engine driven by advanced analytics, LOGICcards enables you to act proactively against security threats, spot opportunity, benefit from real-time business insights, and much more by leveraging data across millions of devices and multiple products. See Application Overview.

Version 2.5.1

December 10th 2015

This minor release focuses mainly on bug fixes and brings the following enhancements:

  • Attachment size increase - Increased file attachment limit to 8MB across Service Desk
  • Search Enhancement - Search facility extended to include articles and ticket tags in search results. See Search Facility.
  • Remote Management & Monitoring Import - Auto-restart any imports that haven't been completed - removing any blocks.
  • Help Updates - New 'Getting Started' series of Available Videos available from within the Help system.

Version 2.5

November 19th 2015

Version 2.5 is the latest, major Service Desk release. It offers the following key enhancements:

  • New Reporting dashboards and improvements to the existing report builder
  • Improved Asset Management features
  • New Search capabilities

New Reporting Capabilities

New reporting capabilities in 2.5 include the following graphical and table-based Dashboard reports:

  • Ticket Closure Report - Reporting on tickets closed across a specific date range. Can be displayed by customer or agent.
  • SLA Breach Report - Report on SLA breaches within Service Desk across a set date range. Reporting can be limited to a specific customer or staff agent assigned to tickets and also filtered on individual SLAs and Breach Reasons (root cause).
  • Tickets by Asset Report- Reporting based on ticket volume against assets in Service Desk, ability to see which assets have the highest number of tickets, also can be filtered by customer or asset site.
  • Tickets by Customer Report - Reporting on tickets raised for individual customers, allowing filtering based on date range and ticket status to report on both ticket source, open date and resolution date.
  • Opportunities Report - Building on the 2.4 Opportunities capabilities you can now report on the amount of sales opportunities that are closed within date ranges and specific sales agents in your Service Desk installation.
  • Staff Agent Activity Report - Report on response volume and closure rates across your staff agents, or for specific agents.

All of the new Report Dashboards support export to CSV and Excel.

Report Builder enhancements - When running a report for time entries, costs or tickets you can now customise which columns are included in that report and export. See Report Builder.

Asset Enhancements

  • New Asset Warranty or Renewal Reminders - Allow you to easily track reminders for warranty renewals, service agreements, domain renewals etc on associated assets. See Reminders.
  • Improved Integration with RMM - System can now retrieve additional data from RMM workstations and servers to allow that information to be available for agents within Service Desk. See Viewing Assets.

Search Enhancements

New search technology has been implemented in 2.5 to improve the accuracy and performance of the search capabilities in Service Desk, now supporting larger result sets for tickets and responses. Future enhancements to search using the new technology implemented will provide search across wider entities within Service Desk such as time/costs and articles. See Search Facility.

Other Enhancements

  • New Email Log - Within each installation, there is a new page within the Settings functionality to view the Email Log for your installation. Allowing you to easily reference emails that have been sent and received in your installation, confirm that they have been processed and view email errors. See Email Log.
  • Improved Email Templates - The system emails sent for your installation to customers and agents have been hugely improved to provide a better presented HTML version, for responses to tickets this now includes the prior chain so that you can easily refer to the history of a ticket without logging in. See Email Templates.
  • Ticket Listings - Ability to set a default view. See Tickets.

For full list of enhancements and bug fixes, see


September 2015

Following version 2.4 (below), version 2.4.1 is the latestService Desk release. It offers the following minor enhancements/fixes:


September 2015

  • PDF and CSV Invoice Exporting - Allows MSPs to export time and cost entries for customers to a branded PDF or CSV invoice template. See Configuring PDF and CSV Export.
  • Customer Permissions - Allows MSPs with agents supporting specific customers, or an agent on-site with a customer, the ability to limit access to those customers using the latest enhancements to the new Roles and Permissions feature launched in 2.3. See Creating a New Role.
  • Customer Opportunities - Enables MSPs to easily set up and track leads and opportunities against existing and prospective customers. Assign those opportunities to sales agents and view the status of opportunities using the new Won, Lost and Open states from the opportunities dashboard. See Customer Opportunities.
  • For more information, see SolarWinds Service Status v2.4

Details of earlier releases can be found in the Release Archive.



  • Roles and Permissions - Greater control over staff access within Service Desk using roles with defined access to functional areas and ticket queues
  • Customer Enhancements - Track status of customers in the system using improved visibility and management of active versus potential customers

For more details see:



  • New UI - New user-friendly interface
  • Improved Ticket Management - Support for custom views, combined filters, automatic refresh and custom table columns
  • Simple Time Entry - Easier to start and manage timers on a ticket
  • More powerful scheduling - Support for customer site visit calendars across individual and team staff
  • Easier Customer Management - Manage branding and primary contacts and view associated tickets more easily

For more details, see: