Service Desk Help

Using this Help System

Browser Support

Mail Assure Online Help can be viewed in most web browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3, including Internet Explorer 8 or later, Google Chrome 13 or later and other browsers that support the HTML5 standard.

If using Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility view mode, certain features may not work. It is recommended to switch off Compatibility view.

Navigating the Help System

Find the required help topics using:

  • Search - Use the Search field in the header bar to key in the term you want to find. The results are listed in the main window - open the results topic that best matches your search parameters.
  • Context-sensitive topic menus - This menu proxy is particularly useful: it is displayed in each topic with links not only to descendants of the current topic, but also to siblings and to the parent topic.
  • Topic breadcrumbs - Use the breadcrumbs trail at the top of each topic to keep track of your location in the Online Help structure.

Topic content may also contain helpful links that allow you to quickly find relevant information.