Edit Web Protection Settings

Edit the Policy

Web Protection Policies are edited from Settings, Web Protection, Protection Policy. Select the required policy then Edit, or double-click on the policy, to access the edit dialog.


wp2_settings_drop wp_policy_main1

Make the necessary amendments to the settings and once complete click Save to apply. The updated policy is automatically downloaded to any devices where it is in use the next time they report back to the Dashboard*

Change the applied Policy

The assigned Web Protection Policy can easily be changed for the overall device type (Server or Workstations) or for specific Clients and Sites from the Settings menu, Web Protection, Settings.

Choose the required entity and policy to apply from the drop-down.


wp2_settings_drop wp2_protection_policies

The assigned Web Protection Policy can also be amended on a device by device basis. Highlight the device in the north panel of the Dashboard and from the Server or Workstation drop-down or by right-clicking on the device select Edit Device and choose the Policy from drop-down.

server_edit wp_enable_one_one

Whichever method is used to change the Web Protection Policy it will be communicated to the Agent the next time it reports back to the Dashboard and applied*

* Force a policy download

The Agent will report back to the Dashboard based on the configured frequency and to force a policy update outside this schedule, the Rerun-Checks from the Dashboard option can be used. Once the Agent receives this command it will rerun the checks, upload their results to the Dashboard and subsequently retrieve the updated policy.