Website Monitoring

Our Website Monitoring tools provide an easy to use and effective way of delivering maximum uptime, an invaluable low cost tool for any business. The Website Monitoring tools can be used to check if a website or web application is responding, running and dishing up meaningful information.


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Where an application publishes to a webpage the Web Page Check [Windows | Linux] ensure that the targeted page is serving up the text you would expect to see. If it's not there, you are alerted that something's amiss with the site.

A number of our customers have expanded upon this check passing their login details along with the URL to login and determine whether the selected text is available from within the application interface.

Ensure the server is contactable

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Connectivity to various networked IP devices can easily be tested using the PING Check[Windows | Linux] You can configure the PING Check to generate an alert after a certain number of failures - between 1 and 5 - so you're not distracted by minor connectivity blips.

Network Services (TCP/IP)

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The TCP Service Check [Windows | Linux] generates an alert when any specified port on an ISP, internal server or external network is either open or closed depending upon the check configuration. For example our customers may monitor Ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to ensure they are accepting connections and that Port 21 (FTP) is refusing them.

To ensure this check is as versatile as possible we have included a drop-down list containing a number of popular preconfigured Ports and additional ones may be added if required.  Simply configure the check assigning a descriptive name and enter the hostname or IP address you wish to query then enter the Port number in the Port box.