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Web Protection

As the number of web-based security threats multiply - from Phishing sites, proxies, websites pushing Malware to spyware, adware and botnets - it is vital that you take control of your client’s web security to avoid users accidentally straying onto malicious websites.

With the Windows only Web Protection (introduced in Agent 9.16.0) you can deliver web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring for your clients anyplace, anytime and all configured and managed directly from your Remote Management Dashboard.

Web Protection is installed on each monitored device and provides full visibility of the user’s online activity regardless of their location, including the websites they have visited, its website category (Adult and Pornography, Hate and Racism, Illegal etc) and reputation (Trustworthy, Suspicious, High risk etc) along with the web bandwidth consumed.

Leveraging an extensive site categorization database to provide URL coverage for over 280,000,000 domains Web Protection is designed to provide optimal browsing speed through the use of multiple categorization servers strategically positioned around the globe. This affords the highest level of flexibility without a loss in performance and is ideal for both stationary and highly mobile organizations.

Every aspect of Web Protection from the website white and black lists, category of website to allow or block, schedule (for example during office hours) as well as whether to deploy a Web Bandwidth Check is controlled via Web Protection Policies. To get you going we have included a number of default policies with the ability to create your own custom policies to precisely match you and the client's protection requirements.

From Agent 10.4.4 we have incorporated an upgraded version of the Web Protection engine to trap data at the network level and provide an enhanced view of all web traffic from the device, including both programmatic and browser based activity (including any incognito sessions).

To make the end user aware that Web Protection is running, a taskbar icon is displayed on the monitored device (which depending on the user's location can be a legal requirement).Web Protection may be configured to provide a notification whenever a site is blocked, along with providing the user with the ability to view and clear any messages in this notification panel. Although the user can clear the notification, the information is still uploaded to the Dashboard.

This Agent 10.4.4 version of Web Protection also introduces the new Snooze functionality, disabling Web Protection monitoring for up to 60 minutes and allowing access to sites and locations that would otherwise be blocked by policy, website category or URL reputation.

We have updated the Protection Policy dialog to incorporate the additional 10.4.4 options and to make the Agent 10.4.4 Web Protection upgrade as seamless as possible, automatically migrated any existing policies into the new format. This means that you can include the 10.4.4 options in your Protection Policies and if deployed to any pre-10.4.4 devices these settings are dormant (as they are unsupported), however when the device is upgraded to 10.4.4 or later these settings then become active and are applied. Where a section is unique to the new Web Protection engine, the dialog will have an Options Available only in Agent 10.4.4 and greater label.

We are aware that due to data privacy considerations you may prefer not to display the visited URLs in the Web tab or Web Protection Reports for your clients. If this is the case please contact your Remote Management account manager who will disable this option and display anonymized data for your account. In certain regions, the URL data is turned off by default in accordance with local privacy laws.

Dashboard user access to, and usage of this feature is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.

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