Microsoft SharePoint

The Backup Manager automatically detects when installed on a computer running Microsoft Sharepoint (VSS) and automatically adds it as a selectable Data Source.

To backup Microsoft Sharepoint (VSS); open the Backup Manager, navigate to the Backup tab, click Add against the Microsoft SharePoint, expand* the Microsoft SharePoint (VSS) node to select the environment to backup.

Finally, configure the Microsoft SharePoint (VSS)Schedule and amend the Backup & Recovery Check to take account of the increased backup jobs

To amend the selected data sources open the Backup Manager, go to the Backup tab, click Edit in Backup & Recovery 2014*, expand the node and change the selection.

For information on the VSS SharePoint pre-requisites please refer to the section VSS SharePoint

*In Backup & Recovery 2014 it may be necessary to click the SharePoint name to display the node structure.