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VMware ESXi Script Requirements

Run VMware scripts from an Agent installed on a guest Operating System or from another device pointing back at the VMware guest, for example from the VMware host.

Depending on the monitored indicators, the Virtualization script language is either VBScript or PowerShell.

For both languages WinRM (Windows Remote Management) must be installed and the script have access to the VMware CIM / SMASH API.

This uses the WSMAN library (not supported on XP, 2003 or earlier Operating systems)

Additionally for PowerShell scripts Microsoft .Net 3.5 (or higher), PowerCLI and PowerShell 2.0 (or later) must be installed on the device the scripts will be executed from.

VMware uses certification to ensure secure SSL communication between the vCenter components and the ESXi nodes. Where the vCenter uses an untrusted or invalid certificate this can lead to "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority" type errors when attempting to connect to the ESXi nodes.

Visit the VMWare Certificates section for information on adding a certificate to your VMware installation.

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