Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Manage Monitoring Templates

Monitoring Template administration (add, edit, delete) is achieved through Manage Templates. This dialog list all Monitoring Templates along with the following identification information:


The Device type the template applies to: Serverserver_iconor Workstation workstation_icon

or Supported Operating System indicator

Template Name

Name used to identify the template


Number of 24x7 Checks configured


Number of Daily Safety Checks configured


Number of Automated Tasks configured


The date and time the template was created

Last Updated

The date and time the template was last updated


Whether the template is currently active tick_icon

Manage Templates

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Monitoring Templates > Manage Templates
  4. Add a new template, Edit an existing template or Delete a no longer required template
  5. When editing a template, please ensure the correct Operating System type (Windows or Mac) is selected

  6. Close to save and exit

monitoring_settings_mon monitoring_view

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