MSP Manager imports all users from the Monitoring Dashboard and their associated roles, then lists them in the Synchronize Users section.

To enable MSP Manager access for a user, assign them an MSP Manager Role that corresponds to their position and function then tick the Is Active box

After setup is complete, MSP Manager user access is controlled via its User Management section.

  1. Select the user
  2. Choose their MSP Manager Role from the drop-down

Default Roles



Manage users

Modify company-wide settings

View the company MSP Manager dashboard and billing pages.


Only manage their own account information

Cannot view the company MSP Manager dashboard or billing pages.

Client (Customer) Login

All logins are imported from the Monitoring Dashboard (staff and client) and we would suggest only configuring staff level users through this dialog and the User Management section.

Client (Customer) level access can be arranged after the MSP Manager integration is complete through the Customers section and used to access the Customer Portal.