Required User Permissions

Full systems access is necessary on the device to retrieve all of the required information. As such it is necessary to install and run the Agent as root (super-user).

This can be achieved from the command line interface by entering su -  which logs in as root in the root environment, rather than su which logs in as root in the current user environment.

$ su -

Please note once applied the user prompt $ is replaced with the root prompt # and this is reflected in this documentation.

To verify the currently logged on user enter whoami at the prompt.

[myname@localhost ~]$ whoami


[myname@localhost ~]$ su -


[root@localhost ~]# whoami


Please be aware that on some distributions it may not be possible to change to the Superuser. In these cases sudo must be used to preface any commands, entering the root password when prompted.

$ sudo apt-get update