Remote Monitoring & Management Help

User Password Reset: Forgot Password?

There are two options for the user to manage their password without administrative interaction. From the login screen's Forgot password? link or when in the Dashboard, the top navigator bar.

If the user forgets their password, or even simply wishes to change it, they can click on the Forget password? link in the Dashboard Login screen.


The user is then prompted to enter their Dashboard username email address clicking Reset Password once complete to confirm.


Where this email address matches a username in the system a reset password email is sent to that address containing instructions on how to change the password along with the reset link. If the email address does not match a user in the system an email is invalid message is displayed.

sso2_reset_email_Stage sso2_reset_link

When clicking on the reset link in the email the browser opens a new tab or window at the Reset Password screen. Please note, as a security precaution the link contained within the reset email is only valid for 2 hours and if the link has expired it is necessary to request a new password reset.

In the Reset Password screen the user must enter their full username in Email address, then populate New Password and Confirm Password with matching passwords before clicking Reset Password. Please be aware that the user must enter a new password, if they re-enter their existing password the reset will fail and they will be prompted for another password.

sso2_reset_password sso2_password_wasreset

Where the password is successfully reset the user will be prompted to login to their Dashboard with their updated credentials.