Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Update the Linux Monitoring Agent

Command Line

Where a new version of the Agent is available this can be updated from the repository using yum or a through the RPM update command.

To check whether any Agent updates are available

# yum check-update rmmagent

To update the Agent run the command update command.

# yum update rmmagent

Please note if a filename is not specified yum will attempt to update all installed packages.

It is also possible to update the package via rpm:

# rpm -Uhv http://package_location/name

Graphical User Interface

When logged onto the system using the graphical user interface it is possible to call the PUP package manager available from Applications, System Tools, Software Updater, entering the root password when prompted to proceed.

Select the package from the Updates Available list and Apply Updates click OK once complete.


Starting the Agent if required from the command line, for example as a daemon:

# ./rmmagentd -s

Please note it is necessary to be logged on as root to initiate the above commands.