Unmonitored Devices

Where configured, Network Discovery queries the specified networks for details of those devices attached to the network then reports this information in the Dashboard's Networks tab. The Network's south pane lists the discovered network Connected Devices and their monitoring state. In addition to this pane, the Unmonitored Devices view allows technicians to easily identify those discovered devices not currently under monitoring, filtered by Device, Operating System and Manufacturer. They can then select the device and place it under monitoring from the Dashboard.


Discovery Agents must be installed on the network and Network Discovery enabled.

Unmonitored Devices

To open the Unmonitored Devices section:

  1. Click on the Dashboard menu icon in the left panel.
  2. Select Unmonitored Devices from the drop-down.

Access to the Unmonitored Devices view requires the Monitoring & Management Networks Permissions.
The Active Issues view is Client Group aware. It only displays those Clients, Sites and Devices assigned to the user.

Alternatively, expand the panel via the maximize >> button then choose Unmonitored Devices, click << to minimize the panel.

This section is also opened by clicking on an Unmonitored widget in the Monitoring Dashboard.

The Unmonitored Devices view is Client Group aware. It only displays those Clients, Sites and Devices assigned to the user.

Unmonitored Devices Section

The header provides indicators of the total number of unmonitored Servers, Workstations and Network Devices along with the last refresh time and a refresh button to manually update the section.

We retain the filter selection when refreshing the section.

The main Unmonitored Devices section consists of two panes.

The left Filters pane allows the technician to filter by any combination of Device Type, Operating System or Manufacturer. In addition to the Filters pane, the main pane banner displays this selection with the option to close filters.

The left pane Filters reflect only those Unmonitored Devices discovered on the network. For example, if all Servers have an Agent Servers are not available as a filter option.

The main pane lists all Devices that match the selected filter criteria. This information is split into five columns and populated where known:

  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • Device name and associated Client and Site
  • Network name, includes the device manufacturer
  • IP and MAC address
  • Date and time the device was first seen by Network Discovery

This pane defaults to sort by Device Name with the option to use the drop-down to select alternative sort criteria.

Navigate through the main pane and review the Unmonitored Devices. Select a device in the main pane then click on View Device to open the Networks Connected Devices south pane section focused on the device.

Right-click on the device and select the monitoring action.

For Network Devices choose Monitor Device and for Windows and Mac computers opt to Push Monitoring Agent to Device.

The Connected Devices monitor actions are only available on supported devices that are currently online.

Alternatively for servers and workstation, there is the option to install the Agent manually on Unmonitored Devices.