Display devices running TeamViewer on the Dashboard

To support a new TeamViewer REST API service we deploy TeamViewer version 15.9 (or later) when installing or updating to Windows Agent 10.10.0 RC or later. Amongst the TeamViewer improvements included this release are upgraded connections, so the TVC file is no longer required to initiate a session from the Dashboard, it simply connects.

Unfortunately, the new TeamViewer REST API does not support the integration of standalone TeamViewer versions through the Dashboard.

If you use TeamViewer Standalone to connect to your managed devices, you can still do so via the TeamViewer Standalone interface. Alternatively, you can switch to Take Control instead. Either Take Control (SolarWinds), including many additional policy options, or Take Control (TeamViewer) with the new TeamViewer service.

Devices that switch to Windows Agent v10.10.0 RC or later will no longer be able to connect using the standalone setup.

This will extend to all devices after Windows Agent v10.10.* goes on General Availability.

Dashboard accounts created after the release of Dashboard 2021.01.05 no longer have the option to "Integrate with existing TeamViewer installations".

Dashboard Columns

The Columns option available above the north panes can be used to display those TeamViewer teamviewer_icon enabled Devices along with the installation's current state

Device Inventory Report

The integration's status also appears in the TeamViewer column of the Device Inventory Report available from the Reports menu.