Take Control Viewer - TeamViewer

The Windows only Take Control (TeamViewer) Viewer used to connect to devices running the TeamViewer version of Take Control contains three panes includes the following options.

Please be aware that the following options may vary depending on the Take Control Policy applied to the target device as well as the its Operating System type and version.



End the current session


Lock or Reboot the remote device

Remote Interaction

Send Ctrl+Alt+Del to the remote device, Disable remote input by the remote user and Show black screen to prevent the remote user observing confidential actions

Invite additional participants

Share the connection with additional users


Display Remote system information



Choose how to view the session


Auto select or optimize for speed or quality


Select a screen resolution, and decide whether to hide the wallpaper as well as view the remote cursor

View Options

Refresh the screen, choose a single window and show the sessions in tabs

Full Screen

Switch to full screen mode


Computer sound

Play the sounds from the remote computer over the connection


Switch sides with the remote user

Conference Call

Choose how to communicate with the remote user

Chat & Video

Open a chat window and begin a conversation with the remote user or record the session


Use the session as a whiteboard, providing annotation for the remote user to view

Operating System Specific Options

Depending on the Operating System type and version various options are available. For example in Windows you can open Start, Charms, Switch apps etc.

Only text copied during the session is available for pasting. Any text copied before the session was established is unavailable.