Take Control (Windows and Mac)

Rapid remote access improves profitability - hugely - and with Take Control it is possible to provide a seamless, secure maintenance experience connecting to both Windows and Mac computers directly from the Dashboard.

Once installed on devices running Windows Monitoring Agent 8.3 or later or Mac Agent 1.3.0 a Take Control session is initiated directly from the Dashboard.

Simply install the Take Control Viewer on the device providing assistance (Windows for TeamViewer | Windows, Mac or Linux for SolarWinds | Android and iOS), highlight the target machine in the north panel of the Dashboard and click its Take Control link to establish a secure connection.

For visibility, information on the Take Control session (remote device, session time, users etc.) is available in the Take Control Report.

By following the simple steps outlined below, it is possible to securely and quickly connect to any monitored Windows server or Windows and Mac workstation directly from the Dashboard:

Additional information:

For a summary of these steps visit the Take Control Quick Start Guide.

Take Control Engine Versions

Two versions of the Take Control engine are available based on technology licensed from SolarWinds and TeamViewer.

The option to select the Take Control engine (SolarWinds or TeamViewer) was introduced in Dashboard 6.34, with engine selection supported from Windows Monitoring Agent 10.5.0 and Mac Agent 2.1.0. Please note that earlier Agent versions will default to Take Control (TeamViewer) regardless of the engine selection setting.

Engine Windows Agent Mac Agent
SolarWinds 10.5 2.1.0
TeamViewer 8.3 1.3.0

Connection to a remote device requires a Take Control Viewer that matches the version of Take Control (TeamViewer or SolarWinds) installed on the remote device. Both versions of the Take Control Viewer are available for Windows, with Take Control (SolarWinds) also available for Linux and Mac computers. This allows you to connect to any devices running Take Control (SolarWinds) from a Mac, Linux or Windows computer, whereas connections to devices running Take Control (TeamViewer) are only available from Windows.

Information on the Operating Systems supported by Take Control is available from the Requirements and Permissions section.

Take Control (SolarWinds) was previously known as Take Control (MSP Anywhere).