Windows System Tray Application Options

The following menu and cosmetic options allow you to customize the System Tray Application to meet your precise requirements. The System Tray application supports up to ten Menu Options (this is increased to thirty in Agent 8.17.0 RC and above).

Any System Tray Application menu option changes are applied once the settings have downloaded to the device. However, any changes to the Appearance (Tooltip) or icon will not take effect until the user logs out then back in again.


Tooltip: Enter the text to display when hovering over the System Tray Icon.

clip0789 systray_taskbar

Menu Options

Select the item from the Type: drop-down, populate the required information then click Add Menu Options to insert another menu option or OK to save and apply.

Use the arrow keys to reorder items in the list and click Remove against an option to delete it from the menu.

sys_menu1 sys_tray_example

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