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System Requirements for device Virtual Disaster Recovery is performed from

Supported operating systems

Recoveries can be performed on the same system that is being protected or from a different one, with the following versions of Windows supported:

  •    Windows 7
  •    Windows 8
  •    Windows Server 2008 R2
  •    Windows Server 2012
  •    Windows Server 2012 R2

System location

The recovery platform system can be located in the Azure Cloud or elsewhere (the default option). The Azure Cloud should be used if it's necessary to minimize data recovery speed. The larger the size of the virtual machine in the Azure Cloud, the more simultaneous recoveries the Backup Manager will be able to perform.

Additional software

The Azure PowerShell SDK is required. The installer is available from the Microsoft Azure Downloads page under Windows PowerShell.

Disk space

The host from which the virtual disaster recovery process is run from should have enough free space on the disk where temporary data is stored. The amount of free space should not be less than size of the system that is being restored. However, if the disaster recovery software is installed to the Azure Cloud, this requirement isn't applicable.

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