Supported Script Types

The Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent (from 10.3.0 RC) supports the following script types where there is an interpreter installed. AMP, DOS Batch, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, VBS and CMD.

The Linux Monitoring Agent and Mac Agent supports Shell scripts and interpreted languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby for which there is a handler installed.

Supported script size: up to a maximum of 65535 characters
Supported script output size: up to a maximum of 10000 characters

Although we have provided the mechanism to run your own scripts on your servers and workstations. We are not responsible for custom scripts made or used in conjunction with this product. We are not liable for loss incurred from system, hardware or data loss. It is the customer/script developer's responsibility to verify the integrity, actions and impact of any custom scripts.