Supported Operating Systems: Windows

This sections covers the versions of Windows the Monitoring Agent has been tested on.

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Key Feature Notes
Operating Systems supported in the current Agent
  Supported Tested on this Operating System as part of Quality Assurance processes and all defects will be fixed
  Compatible We do not test on this Operating System and defect fixes may not be prioritized
  Deprecated We no longer test, develop or provide support for this Operating System or feature
  Not Compatible Feature is not compatible with this Operating System

Deprecated Operating Systems

We no longer test, develop or provide support for the following Operating Systems or variants. The below table lists the last version of the Agent to support this Operating System. Please note that these Agents are no longer under development and are provided as is.

Operating System Supported up to Agent (Release Note Links)
Windows NT Agent v7.1.6
Windows 2000 Agent v8.18.6
Windows XP Agent v9.14
Server 2003 Agent v9.14

Operating Systems with Service Pack requirements

Feature Operating System Service Pack Additional Requirements
Managed Antivirus
Bitdefender Engine Microsoft Server 2008 R2 1+  
VIPRE Engine Microsoft Windows XP 3+  
Patch Management
LanGuard Engine Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 1+  
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2+  
Microsoft Windows 2000 4+ Internet Explorer 6 SP1+, Windows Installer 3.1+
SolarWinds Engine Microsoft Windows 7 1+  
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 1+  
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 1+  
Ensure the operating system is on the latest service pack available. This is critical for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Take Control (TeamViewer)      
  Microsoft Windows 2000 4+ Internet Explorer 6
Web Protection      
  Windows Vista 2+  
  Windows Server 2008 2+  

Take Control

The Take Control host, installed on device's requiring assistance, is available for the following Operating Systems.

Take Control Host Agent Version (From) Operating System (From)
Take Control for Windows (TeamViewer)* 6.3 Windows 2000 Operating Systems SP 4, excluding Server Core versions of Windows
Take Control for Windows (SolarWinds)^ 10.5 Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, supports Server Core versions of Windows

The Take Control viewer, installed on device's providing assistance, is available for the following Operating Systems.

Take Control Viewer Operating System (From)
Take Control for Windows (TeamViewer)* Windows XP
Take Control for Windows (SolarWinds)^ Server 2003

* Take Control (TeamViewer) connections are only available from Windows device running the Take Control (TeamViewer) viewer.

^ Take Control (SolarWinds) connections are available from Windows or Mac computers running the Take Control (SolarWinds) viewer.

Take Control (SolarWinds) was previously known as Take Control (MSP Anywhere).

Internet Explorer Requirements

Take Control is supported on the following versions of Internet Explorer:

Take Control Version Supported (From)
Take Control for Windows (TeamViewer) Internet Explorer 6
Take Control for Windows (SolarWinds) Internet Explorer 11.545.10586.0

* Remote Background Management

Feature Base Version
Remote Command Line Agent 9.1 RC
Remote Process Control Agent 9.2.1 RC
Remote Service Control Agent 9.3.0 RC
Remote Background Advanced Agent 10.9.1 RC

Backup & Recovery

Based on the manufacturer's published End of Life (EOL) and End of Support (EOS) we have ended development and testing for the following Operating Systems and applications.

All existing backup and restore functionality will remain in the current versions of the backup product, however support will be limited and new software releases will not be developed or tested on these platforms, nor will they be eligible for Auto Update.

Windows Agent End of Life
Operating System Application
*10 Microsoft Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
^10.6.1 Windows Vista
Windows Small Business Server 2
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and earlier

Backup & Recovery was previously known as Managed Online Backup.

Disk Encryption Manager

As Disk Encryption Manager is a module of Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender (MAV-BD), MAV-BD must be installed on the device to utilize this feature.

The following Operating Systems are only supported where the device has TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

Workstations / Laptops

  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Enterprise


  • Server Windows Server 2008 R2

For further information, including additional supported Operating System variations, go to Disk Encryption Manager Prerequisites section.

Windows System Tray Application and Terminal Server

The Windows System Tray Application runs once per device, rather than once per session. As such, it does not support multiple teinal sessions on a device. The icon may appear when additional users logon, but disappears when they attempt any interaction.

Agent v10

Introduced real-time architecture and the technologies that make real-time monitoring possible (set the same monitoring frequencies for servers and workstations, from 5 minutes through to 120 minutes, process updates and additions to Checks and Automated Tasks in real-time, eliminating the need to wait on the next check cycle*) are only available on devices running Windows Vista or Server 2008 and later. As such Agent v10 and future Agent updates will no longer be available for Windows XP and Server 2003.

* Workstation: When selecting five or fifteen-minute monitoring for a Workstation, the Agent will synchronize with the Dashboard every thirty minutes to upload results, retrieve Automated Task and feature deployment settings etc.

If using the five or fifteen minute frequencies, a comparison with its previous result is made every time a Check runs. Where a change is detected this is immediately reported back to the Dashboard (please note that only the results are uploaded and this does not trigger a full synchronization). If no change is detected, the Check results are uploaded during the next synchronization upload cycle.

Embedded and Core Operating Systems

Although the Agent provides monitoring for a variety of embedded and Core versions of Windows, due to the architecture and inherent restrictions of these types of Operating Systems not all Agent features may be supported. For example, Patch Management is not supported on Core (including Hyper-V) systems.

CPU Architecture

The Windows Monitoring Agent supports computers with x86_64 architecture and is not designed for use on ARM CPUs (for example, Raspberry Pi).

The Windows Monitoring Agent is available for both servers and workstations