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Backup Accounts - Inactive Backups

Each device running Backup & Recovery, backs-up to its own storage account. While Backup & Recovery is enabled, the storage account is Active.

Where Backup & Recovery is disabled or the device deleted from the Dashboard or the Agent uninstalled on the computer, the Dashboard retains the storage account (so you can still restore from its backups), but it is marked as Inactive.

Important: Inactive storage accounts continue to generate charges until removed.

To emphasize this point, as part of the process to disable Backup & Recovery on a device, the following message is displayed with the option to view the list of inactive backup accounts and remove any that are no longer required.

Please note: The backup file associated with the device is still available and therefore billable. To delete this backup file, please go to 'Inactive Backup Accounts' under 'Backup & Recovery' on the 'Settings' menu.

Click here to view and remove any unwanted inactive backup accounts.


View and Remove an Inactive Backup Account

To view your inactive backup accounts, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Backup & Recovery
  3. Inactive Backup Accounts

The Manage Inactive Backup Accounts dialog lists all the inactive backup accounts including the Client, Site and Device details of the last computer to use this backup account. The last time a backup successfully completed to this account and the size of the stored backup.

To remove inactive backup accounts:

  1. Multi-select the target backup accounts (use Shift and left-click to choose a range of users or Control and left-click for specific users)
  2. Delete
  3. Enter the password of the account you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm removal
  4. OK to delete

Once removed you will no longer be charged for that storage and you cannot restore this data.


These settings are only available when logged into the Dashboard using an account with enhanced privileges, Superuser or (non-Classic) Administrator level access , a login with the required Backup & Recovery permissions enabled or the Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled )

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