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Run scans and view their results

Quick and Deep scans run automatically based on the schedule specified in the Protection Policy for that device. You can also manually run (and cancel) scans as required from the Dashboard.

The Dashboard north pane manages the ability to select Devices and run scans. Depending on the Protection Policy interaction settings, the end user can also manually scan their device.

  1. Select the target device(s) in the north pane. Shift and left-click for a range, Control and left-click for specific computers. All computers must have the same Managed Antivirus engine (Bitdefender or VIPRE)
  2. Right-click on one of the selection (or from the Servers, Workstations or Devices drop-down)
  3. Choose Managed Antivirus Scan > Quick Scan or Deep Scan. Multiple Devices: Confirm the devices after selecting the scan type.

The Managed Antivirus Scan options differ between engines. Both have the ability to run a Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Update Threat Definitions as well as the similar Detect Competing Products / Detect Installed Products, with the Bitdefender engine also able to Snooze Antivirus.

Commands (run scans etc.) are immediately sent to the Bitdefender engine and actioned. The VIPRE engine retrieves the commands the next time it checks in.

mav_bd_right_click mav_vp_right

Once the scan completes, the agent uploads the results to the Dashboard. Where they appear in the Device's Antivirus tab. Detailing discovered Threats, Scans status and Quarantined items. These sections include action options, dependent on the selected antivirus engine.

The Threats and Quarantined information is also available in three Reports. Available from the Reports menu the Managed Antivirus Threat Report and Managed Antivirus Quarantine Report. Use the Managed Antivirus Protection Report to view all Antivirus solutions (with an Antivirus Update Check) in use across the Client base.

The Managed Antivirus Check monitors the status of the device's Managed Antivirus Agent. This automatically deployed Check returns information on the device to the south Checks pane. Click its More Information column to show the number of items in quarantine. When the Managed Antivirus Agent on that device last uploaded data. Active Protection's status. The date and time of the last Quick and Deep scan and where applicable the type of scan currently running.

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