Reboot to complete the installation of Managed Antivirus

Once the existing Antivirus product is successfully removed from the device. The Advanced Monitoring Agent begins the installation of the Managed Antivirus Agent. As part of this process it may be necessary to again reboot the server or workstation. This reboot removes any remnants of the product held in memory. For example, Active Protection.

The Dashboard indicates when a computer requires a reboot to continue the installation. This appears in the north pane Reboot reboot_icon, WallChart and the Summary tab.

To initiate a restart

  1. Select the target device(s) in the north pane. (Shift and left-click for a range or Control and left-click for specific Devices)
  2. Right-click on one of the selection (or from the Servers, Workstations or Devices drop-down)
  3. Choose Reboot > Now or Later. Multiple Devices: confirm the devices and schedule after selecting Later

After actioning the reboot command there is a five-minute delay before the computer restarts. To make the end-user aware of the impending restart, the computer displays a System Shutdown notification along with a countdown times. This message prompts the user to save their work before the computer reboots. At this point there is not an option to cancel the reboot from the Dashboard.

Manually Canceled Reboots

Where the end user cancels the reboot command. For example enters shutdown.exe /a at the command prompt. The Dashboard displays the device as Reboot pending for thirty minutes after the command was issued. Whilst in this reboot pending state the Reboot option is unavailable.

After this thirty minute timeout period. The device's status in the Reboot column changes from pending to failed. The Reboot option then becomes available for reissue to the devices.

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