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Uninstall existing Antivirus product (if required) and reboot

Having two Antivirus agents installed and running on the same machine is usually catastrophic for that device. Therefore, the Managed Antivirus agent will not install if another Antivirus product is detected (including VIPRE or Bitdefender) with the incompatible product shown in the Summary tab for that device once Managed Antivirus is enabled.


In order for the Managed Antivirus agent to install, the existing Antivirus product must first be removed and the device rebooted to complete the uninstallation.

This can be achieved manually by logging on to the device and running the program's uninstaller. Once the existing Antivirus solution is uninstalled please ensure all associated Registry entries are removed from the machine to avoid the continued detection of the product as installed. In line with best practice before editing the Registry we suggest making a backup copy.

One the removal is complete, the Summary tab of the machine and Reboot column reboot_icon will indicate whether a reboot is required:

clip0812 clip0813


The Reboot can be actioned manually, as part of the uninstallation process, or via the Dashboard. From the Server or Workstation drop-down menu, select Reboot Now or Later, entering when the reboot is to occur when Later is chosen. Where Reboot Now is selected, a command is sent to the Agent at its next scheduled 24x7 upload cycle (or immediately where Agent 9.0.0 RC or later is installed). this menu is also available by right-clicking on one of the selected device names in the north panel.

reboot_drop clip0815

The next time the Agent uploads data it will be instructed to reboot the device after a delay of five minutes. Once this instruction has been sent to the Agent, it cannot be canceled either from the Dashboard or on the device itself. Please ensure that any users logged onto this device save their work before proceeding.


To simplify this process from Agent 8.16.1RC onwards we have included the Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART) which can be configured to automatically remove the existing Antivirus product (where supported) or offer a removal link in the Summary tab. Both with the additional option to reboot if required.

An Antivirus product redetection can be initiated may be triggered from the Dashboard, for example where the user has installed another Antivirus product post-Managed Antivirus deployment.


If the Client is using a central management console (such as VIPRE Antivirus Business) then please ensure that it does not attempt to reinstall the existing Antivirus product when it detects it has been uninstalled.

Managed Antivirus (VIPRE engine) can be installed and monitored in parallel with a selection of Antivirus products for E-Mail Servers

Agent 9.22 introduced the functionality to allow Managed Antivirus (VIPRE Engine) to install alongside - and de-activate - Windows Defender. This functionality utilizes technology included in the Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART) and as such CART must be enabled on the device in order to allow Managed Antivirus to install in parallel with Windows Defender.

Where the end user cancels the reboot command (for example enters shutdown.exe /a) the Dashboard will continue to display the device as pending in the Reboot column for thirty minutes after the command was issued from the Dashboard, whilst in this reboot pending state the Reboot option is unavailable.

After this thirty minute timeout period the device's status in the Reboot column changes from pending to failed with the Reboot option now available for reissue to the device.

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