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Configure and Manage Protection Policies

Protection Policies control every aspect of Managed Antivirus. The type of protection offered. This includes scan schedules, remediation actions taken on threat discovery and end-user interactions. We have included default policies to get you started. As well as the option to create your own custom policies to mach your precise requirements.

Windows and Macs use the same Bitdefender Protection Policies. The settings applied depend on the Operating System.

View and manage policies on the Dashboard.

Go to Settings > Managed Antivirus > Protection Policy

  • Edit (view) default policies
  • Manage (Add, Edit (view) or Delete) custom policies
  • Migrate your VIPRE policies to their Bitdefender equivalent


  1. Click New
  2. Select the engine from the drop-down
  3. Enter a Policy Name for identification
  4. Choose an existing policy to Base policy on and the Policy Type (Bitdefender only)
  5. Add to confirm
  6. Proceed to the policy dialog to setup all elements of the protection
  7. Save to create


  1. Highlight the target policy
  2. Click Edit or double-click on the policy to display its configuration screen
  3. Make changes
  4. Save to apply


  1. Highlight the target policy
  2. Click Delete
  3. Confirm the policy's removal when prompted

You cannot delete

  • System default policies
  • Policies currently in use.
  • Policies set as the default for a Client or Site. Even when there are no devices registered against the Client or Site.

Migrate Policy

Bitdefender and VIPRE Protection Policies have dedicated configuration options that do not map between products. Before selecting a new antivirus engine for an existing Managed Antivirus installation. We would strongly suggest appraising the target policy. To ensure it precisely matches protection requirements. Where necessary you can amend the current policy settings. Or use the Protection Policy migration wizard to create a Bitdefender version of the source VIPRE policy.

Migrated policies appear in the Managed Antivirus Policy dialog as a Bitdefender Policy. These policies are now available for Bitdefender installations. The original VIPRE policy retained in case needed in the future.

Refer to Protection Policy Migration - VIPRE to Bitdefender Engine for additional information. Go to Protection Policy Migration Behavior to view the VIPRE settings that are transferred over.

  1. Highlight the target VIPRE policy
  2. Click the now active Migrate button
  3. Review the new Bitdefender policy configuration dialog. The policy contains the settings copied over from the source VIPRE policy (where available)
  4. Apply any required tweaks or updates to the policy
  5. Save to create


The User Audit Report records any Protection Policy changes. The Feature Policy Report lists all policies currently in use across all policy supporting features

Windows Exclusions

Bitdefender partners with Microsoft to create smart exclusions based on Microsoft recommendations. These smart exclusions are automatically included in the background for each Protection Policy (so do not appear in the Exclusions list) and are applied by the Bitdefender engine depending on the scanned device’s Operating System.

The Windows Managed Antivirus Master Services runs under the Local System Account. Any Bitdefender exclusions based on system variables. Including %APPDATA% and %LOCALAPPDATA%. Are only applied to files where a user is logged into the the computer at the time of the scan.

To exclude all versions of a file when there are multiple copies across different user's profiles. Either create exclusions containing the user's name for each instance of the file. Or submit a support request to analyze and add the file to the system whitelist.

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