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Standard Edition Features

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The Standard Edition of Remote Background Management includes the following features


Remote Command Line
Remote Process Control
Remote Service Control


The availability of Features during the session depends on the Agent version running on the device.



Standard Edition Session Notes


For ease of use the session window is resizable


The dialog window reflects if the selected feature is unavailable. For example, the feature not enabled on the device or the installed Agent does not support that feature.


If the sessions fails to start when the device is online and the Remote Background Management URLs are reachable. As covered in Central Servers: Master and Node addresses. The problem may be the antivirus solution on the device. For example, it is preventing winagentrcl.exe from running. To ease this issue, you may need an exclusion for winagentrcl.exe.


The Failed to start Remote Background Session. Device not connected. error displays where the device is unreachable.


Internet Explorer:  Add the Dashboard address to Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites if the text entry focus is the browser address bar. Not the command line window. Once complete close then reopen the Dashboard to apply.


What do you want to do?


Use remote terminal - Standard (CMD) and Advanced (CMD/PowerShell)
Administer Processes and Services
Consider Advanced Edition features