SolarWinds Backup

The standalone SolarWinds Backup Check uses the Windows Application Event Log on the local device to determine the status of any backups that have completed in the preceding 24 hour period. We query the following Event ID to ascertain the success or otherwise of the backup jobs.

Event ID



Task Finished Successfully


Task Failed


Complete with exceptions




Task Interrupted

The Backup Check passes where the specified number of "Success" or "Complete with exceptions/cancelled" (where "Show 'complete with exceptions' as successful (includes canceled jobs)" is configured) messages are discovered.

SolarWinds Backup is based on the same technology as Backup & Recovery, and like Backup & Recovery the Backup Check is regarded as associated with a feature. Rather than as a standard non-feature associated Backup Check.

Where a SolarWinds Backup installation is detected, this is reported in the Backup & Recovery column in the Dashboard's north pane, indicating it is "Active" as opposed to an "Incompatible Product"

The Device's south "Summary" pane will also report the status of SolarWinds Backup as active.