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Stacked Monitoring Templates

To ease the administrative burden when adding Checks, the Apply Monitoring Template option available at the Client, Site and Device level from Windows Agent 9.8.11 and Mac Agent 3.0.2 includes the facility to stack up to ten Monitoring Templates and apply these to the device selection.

Through stacking, more targeted Monitoring Templates may be constructed with a subset of Checks and combined to precisely match the monitoring requirements without the need to perform remedial action once the devices have updated their Checks, i.e. remove redundant Checks that were included in the applied template.

Select Monitoring Templates

Available Templates lists all Monitoring Templates associated with the selected device type (excluding Asset Tracking Only). Up to ten Monitoring Template may be moved from the available to selected window.

  1. Use Shift and left-click to choose a range or Control and left-click for specific templates in the Available Templates window.
  2. Click the arrow buttons or drag and drop the templates between windows

To avoid duplication when adding multiple Monitoring Templates a cascade system is used based on the Selected Templates ordering. All Checks and Automated Tasks in the first (top) template are applies with any duplicates identified in the subsequent templates omitted.

For example if duplicates exist in the first and second template, any duplicates are removed from the second placed template with a similar comparison performed for successive templates. So the third placed template is compared against the first then second placed template with any duplicates removed from the third placed template.

To promote or demote a Monitoring Template simply drag the template to the required position in the Selected Templates window.

During a manual Windows Agent installation you can opt to use the Default Checks. When selected the Agent will automatically add the core Checks for the device type and Operating System, these can be tweaked either from the Agent or Dashboard to precisely match the monitoring requirements.


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