Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Setup Mail Templates

Depending on the configured Alerting behavior an email notification can be generated whenever a check fails, with the option to send a recovery email when the Check subsequently passes.

We have provided a number of Alert Mail Templates, to ensure these notification match the precise requirements with each element of the Alert editable.

The From address*, Subject line and Alert content (both text and HTML) are setup on the Dashboard. Go to the Mail Templates menu, then choose the target template in the Server Monitoring or Workstation Monitoring section.


In line with best practice we would suggest making a copy of any templates before actioning an changes.

SPF Records and Whitelisting

Changing the From address (for example to an email address from your domain) can potentially result in the classification of the email as coming from a spoofed domain. To avoid this issue we would suggest creating an SPF record in your domain DNS pointing to our mail generating servers. Further information on spoofed emails and SPF is available in the SPF Records section.

Even if not changing the From address, to avoid any potential delivery problems we would advise whitelisting the IP addresses of our email generating servers. This is covered in the Whitelist mail server IP Addresses section.

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