Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Manage Automated Tasks

Automated Tasks are used to initiate a system or custom script on the selected devices in accordance with the configured frequency or threshold (once per day, once per month, run manually or when a Check fails).

The option to run an Automated Task when a Windows or Mac Check fails is also configurable in the Add or Edit Checks dialog. Assign a Task after creating (or editing) the Check. For example, run a Task to update the antivirus definition files where the Antivirus Update Check fails.

Automated Tasks may be added to individual Windows or Mac computers through the Tasks tab and to a selection of Devices using multi-select in the north pane or at a Client or Site. For Windows computers, Automated Tasks can also be applied at the Device, Site, Client or all Servers and Workstations through Monitoring Templates.

Where an Automated Task has been added to a device the status the last time the check ran, pass or fail, is displayed under the Automated Task column

The Monitoring Templates section covers the use of Templates to manage Automated Tasks on Windows computers.

Further information on Task management is available in the Automated Tasks section.

Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent 10.3.0 RC

Agent 10.3.0 RC incorporates a new scripting module which requires at least .NET Framework 4.5 to run. Rather than prompt the user to install or update the .NET framework on their Device, during the Agent installation or update process the Device is queried and where the installed version of .NET is less than 4.5, or is not installed on the Device, this component is silently updated to the required version. Please be aware that this process may take several minutes to complete.

Mac Agent 2.3.0

Mac Agent 2.3.0 brought user created Automated Tasks to Mac computers.

If creating a bash script, please remember to declare the interpreter at the start of the script. For example: #!/bin/bash

echo "Hello world"
exit 0

User Audit Report

Any Automated Task action performed on the Dashboard are recorded in the User Audit Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. User Audit Report
  3. Select the timeframe, user and Action
  4. Select Automated Task from the Event drop-down
  5. Generate to open the HTML report or download the CSV Export