Session History Report

The Backup & Recovery Session History Report contains the information displayed in the Backup tab in an easy to access format. This Report contains a breakdown of all of the backup session for devices running Backup & Recovery along with graphical summaries for the selection, identifying the number of Session Type, Status of Backup and Plugin (Data Source).

To create the Session History Report:

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Session History Report to open the Session History Report dialog in a new browser tab
  3. Use the filters to choose the target selection:
  4. Filters



    Choose the start date of the Report from the calendar drop-down


    Choose the end date of the Report from the calendar drop-down


    Select the Client from the drop-down list or choose All Clients


    Where a specific Client is selected you can then choose All Sites or a specific site


    Choose All Devices or a specific Device type Servers or Workstations


    Select All Sessions or the session type: Batch Backup or Restore


    Choose a specific Plugin (Data Source) or All Plugins


    Select All Statuses or a specific Status: Succeeded, Failed, Aborted etc.

  5. Click Generate to view the Report


Use the Columns drop-down to provide a more targeted Report. Select or deselect the Reports columns via the appropriate tick-box. The drop-down also displays the number of columns selected against those available. To re-order data, click the column heading.




Description entered for the device


Selected Plugin (Data Source): Files and Folders, System State etc


The state of the Backup Check: pass or fail

Start Date

Start date and time of backup or restore

End Date

End date and time of backup or restore


Session Type: Batch Backup or Restore

Select Size

The size of all files in the selection

Select Count

The number of files in the selection

Changed Size

The size and count of all changed files in the selection

Changed Count

The number of changed files in the selection

Processed Size

The size of all files processed by the backup

Processed Count

The number of files processed by the backup

Error Count

The count of files that could not be backed up or other errors

Removed Files

The count of files removed from the selection, deleted files no longer being backed up (these will be available to restore for the next 28 days before being removed).


Two export options are available when viewing the report in the Dashboard:

  • CSV Export: saves the report (includes hidden columns) as a CSV file in the format DATE_GENERATED-ReportName.csv
  • Print: outputs the current Report view (excludes hidden columns) in a printable format (browser and computer dependent)

CSV Export: Backup Values

The CSV Exports list the backup values as Bytes.

  • For Megabytes, divide the backup value by 1048576 (or backup value/1024/1024)
  • For Gigabytes, divide the backup values by 1073741824 (or backup value/1024/1024/1024)