MSP (MAX) Service Desk

Centralize your customer service and get a 360 view on managing, responding and resolving customer issues seamlessly.

MSP Service Desk (also known as MSP Service Desk) provides you with a fully hosted helpdesk tool to support your clients, all setup from your dedicated Remote Management dashboard.

You can now deliver superior customer support the easy way!

  • Smooth integration with the Dashboard - Setup the integration from your Dashboard and you can then use existing login credentials
  • Browser-based platform - no local software to download and support staff can access the platform on any device, wherever they've got a connection
  • No maintenance or admin overheads updates automatically to latest versions

Provide uncomplicated customer support, around the clock

  • Effectively manage tickets and response times, assign tasks to the relevant team members
  • Multi-channel 24/7 engagement and support - website, email, Twitter bringing everything in one place
  • Front end, customizable, self-service support for your clients
  • Deliver superior, powerful reporting, branded as your own

One solution for your support staff, exceptional service for your clients

  • Easy-to-manage ticket queue and assignment
  • Route incoming emails as Service Desk tickets to the right person - no more lost tickets
  • Mobile Apps available for iOS an Android, including
    • Scheduling of field site visits with GPS coordination, mileage and time tracking capabilities
    • Optionally enable location tracking for use in the web app
    • Create, search, filter and update ServiceDesk tickets
    • View customer information, contacts and related tickets
    • Relevant customer insights while on site with LogicCards
  • Two-Factor Authentication for additional security
  • Implement a unique sub-domain during set-up, providing your customers with a seamless experience via your existing website
  • Time tracking facility means you can keep track of the time spent on a ticket, add notes to a ticket and make sure you’re billing correctly
  • Simple asset management - easily import customer devices and sites; associate tickets to assets; track tickets and volumes against specific assets and export data in an easy to understand CSV.

Service Desk is a scalable platform which is easy to set up and get going. Simply generate your API Key,enable the integration and setup the Dashboard and MAX Service Desk as required.

Unless required in the dialog, throughout this will documentation we will simply refer to MSP (MAX) Service Desk as Service Desk

Dashboard user access to, and usage of this feature is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.