Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Change the Agent service logon account

Where the logon account the Advanced Monitoring Agent service runs under does not have the necessary privileges the Agent may be unable to upload data as scheduled to the Dashboard or query those elements requiring enhanced permissions.

An example of this is when you manually installed the Agent on a server and it appears on the Dashboard with the Check results (as it is using the permissions of the account you have logged in as). However, once you log off of the computer and the Agent uses the logon account associated with the service, the server then reports as offline. Logging back onto the device reveals that the Agent is active and manually re-running the Checks transfers data.

As a troubleshooting step, please ensure the Advanced Monitoring Agent service is running under an account with full privileges and permissions, for example the administrator account.

If this proves successful and the device is running a pre-6.9 Agent, we would suggest also changing the logon account for the Advanced Monitoring Auto Update service. This is not required on Agent 6.9 or later as the Agent and Auto Update services were combined as one Advanced Monitoring Agent service

Set the Service Log On Account

  1. Logon to the target device
  2. Press Windows key + R
  3. Enter services.msc (Windows Services console)
  4. OK
  5. Double click Advanced Monitoring Agent
  6. Select Log On tab
  7. Choose This Account
  8. Enter an administrator's credentials
  9. Depending on the computer it may be necessary to enter the logon account in the format DOMAIN\username

  10. OK to save