Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Restorable Selection Report

This Dashboard Report is designed to provide information on the volume of data backed up for each Backup Account (both active and inactive) during the selected period.

Each Device associated with a Backup Account returns the per-Plugin amount, Type (Batch Backup or Archive Batch Backup), End Time and plugin total. Totals are displayed for all Devices at the selection with graphs indicating the Report’s server/workstation and active/inactive Device composition.

For ease of identification, inactive Backup Accounts (Status = Inactive) are associated with the Device the backup last ran on.

The Report is updated multiple times per day and backup data is only available for plugins configured on the device.

To create the Report:

  1. Go to Reports > Restorable Selection Report
  2. Choose the Month and Client(s) from the drop-downs
  3. Click Generate to view or CSV Export


Use the Columns drop-down to provide a more targeted Report. Select or deselect the Report’s columns via the appropriate tick-box. The drop-down also displays the number of columns selected against those available. To re-order data, click the column heading.


Two export options are available when viewing the report in the Dashboard:

  • CSV Export: saves the report (includes hidden columns) as a CSV file in the format DATE_GENERATED-ReportName.csv
  • Print: outputs the current Report view (excludes hidden columns) in a printable format (browser and computer dependent)

CSV Export: Backup Values

The CSV Exports list the backup values as Bytes.

  • For Megabytes, divide the backup value by 1048576 (or backup value/1024/1024)
  • For Gigabytes, divide the backup values by 1073741824 (or backup value/1024/1024/1024)