Select Network Devices to Monitor

Network Device Monitoring is added from the network’s Connected Devices section.

To add monitoring to a supported Network Device*

  1. Go to the Networks tab
  2. Choose the managed network
  3. Navigate to the Connected Devices section
  4. Limit the number of returned devices via the status drop-down and / or Search Devices filtering options.

    Use the Network Device Monitoring Columns (Supports Monitoring, Capabilities, Supports printer checks and Supports interfaces checks) to identify the supported devices and their available Checks.

  5. Right-click on the target device (or from the Device menu)
  6. Choose Monitor Device

The Monitor Device option is only available where the network and devices is currently online.

Regardless of their response to our SNMP queries and the device type, all monitored devices receive a Ping Check.

Devices that respond to our SNMP queries with details of their monitorable components automatically receive the below Automatically added Monitored Components.

Once added to monitoring Network Discovery Agents will now run Checks against the selected device every 5 minutes.

The devices will appear under Network Devices on the Dashboard. From here you can manage the Checks and setup Alerting.

Automatically added Monitored Components

Devices that respond to our SNMP queries with details of their monitorable components automatically receive the following standard Checks.

Check Automatically Monitors Device Type
Cartridge Level Check All ink/toner cartridges Printer
Paper Level Check All automatic feed trays Printer
Interface Check All physical Ethernet ports Router, Switch or Firewall

Use Edit Check to amend the monitored component settings for standard Checks and Add Check to add more standard Checks to a Device.

In addition to the standard Checks, where the SNMP scan detects support for our extended monitoring set, additional Network Device SNMP Checks are also added to the device. As we increase our portfolio of extended monitoring sets to include additional vendors and products, we will automatically add these Checks to existing devices (where supported).

The available extended monitoring sets depend on the device type and manufacturer.

Current behavior: the extended monitoring set Network Device SNMP Checks are only added automatically and do not support the Add or Edit Check functionality. 

In addition to the standard and Extended Monitoring Set Checks, you can also add and edit your custom SNMP Checks, individually on each Device or through the Custom SNMP Check Library.

For the Interface Check we would suggest enabling monitoring only for those interfaces that are expected to always be connected, for example servers.

Device Connectivity

Once monitoring is enabled we continually check the device’s connectivity to determine whether it is reachable over ARP (Address Resolution Protocol).

Where the device loses connectivity, it is reported as offline in the north pane of the Networks Devices tab and an Alert generated (if configured).