Securely connect to servers and workstations

Take Control allows you to quickly and easily connect directly to the device from the Dashboard, WallChart, Mobile Apps or helpdesk solution.

Computer Take Control Viewers

Please ensure the device providing assistance has a Take Control viewer installed before attempting to initiate a connection to Windows or Mac computers running Take Control.

These are downloadable from the Dashboard:

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to Remote Acess


Start a connection from the Dashboard

  1. Select the target server or workstation in the north pane of the Dashboard
  2. Click the Take Control button above the north pane to instantly and securely connect

The Take Control button is also available from Remote Access > Take Control in the Device's context menu (right-click on the device or from the Server or Workstation drop-down.


Start a connection from the Wall Chart

  1. Choose the server or workstation
  2. Click the Take Control button above the main panel to instantly and securely connect


We use one Take Control icon take_control_icon to indicate both the SolarWinds and TeamViewer Take Control engines.

Launching the Take Control Viewer from the computer

Depending on the version of Take Control installed on the target device, clicking the Take Control button will either open a connection dialog with the option to Launch Application for the Take Control (SolarWinds) or download a single-use Take Control (TeamViewer) connection file (*.tvc).

Regardless of the version of Take Control installed on the target device, clicking the Launch Application button or opening the *.tvc will open the corresponding Take Control viewer (where it is installed on the device providing assistance).

To ensure the Launch Application dialog opens, we suggest disabling any pop-up blockers in your browser.

To speed up future connections, select the option to Remember my choice for takectrsxvp links (or equivalent) when prompted to setup the Take Control (SolarWinds) viewer and takectrsxvp file association.

From Chrome 77, Google removed the “always open these types of links in the associated app” persistence checkbox for custom URL protocols.

When using Chrome 77 (or later) you are prompted to Open SolarWinds Take Control every time you launch a Take Control (SolarWinds) session from the Dashboard.

Further information on Google’s decision to remove the persistence checkbox is available from the Chromium Git project: Remove the persistence checkbox from external protocol handler UI.

Dashboard: Two-Factor Authentication

The additional layer of security provided by 2FA helps to prevent unauthorized Dashboard access, particularly when connecting to a remote computer.

Depending on the account and the user's Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) settings, they may be prompted to either

  • Enable 2FA - click Set Up 2FA Now. The user is logged out of their current Dashboard session to complete the 2FA activation process
  • Set Up 2FA Later - continue to initiate the connection without 2FA
  • Change Security Settings -  allows the user to establish a remote session without additional 2FA security code authentication. Configured in Settings > General Settings> Security

For more detailed information on 2FA please refer to Two-Factor Authentication.

Mobile Apps

With the mobile apps you can quickly and easily connect to your manage workstations and servers directly from your Android or iOS device (where the corresponding viewer app is installed)

Service Desk Applications

Initiate a Take Control session directly from MSP Manager (SolarWinds engine only) or MSP (MAX) Service Desk Dashboards when Take Control is active on the device. Navigate to the device's asset dialog and click the Take Control button to retrieve the connection file or link to launch the viewer and initiate the session.

For other Service Desk systems, it may be possible to use one of the Take Control API service calls. Please contact us for information on these API calls.

Take Control Viewer

Regardless of the version of Take Control installed on the target device, clicking the Launch Application button or opening the *.tvc will open the corresponding Take Control viewer (when installed on the device providing assistance and associated with that file type) then create a connection to the selected remote computer.

Take Control (SolarWinds)

The Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer is available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

The interface varies depending on the version of the viewer in use:

  • Take Control Viewer (SolarWinds) Take Control Windows viewer 7 and Mac viewer 8 introduced a streamlined interface to increase the available workspace as well as simplify navigation and option selection


Take Control (TeamViewer)

The Take Control (TeamViewer) Viewer is only available for Windows.

For easy session identification when multiple connections are established the device name is included in the session window (from Windows Monitoring Agent 9.5.2 - TeamViewer 9.0.25942). Please be aware that a restart of the TeamViewer service or remote device itself may be required to display the device name.

TeamViewer 11 introduced a redesigned toolbar in the Take Control viewer to ensure that all of the features required during a remote support session are easy to find and close at hand.


Take Control for Mac System Access: macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina) and later

With the release of macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and macOS 10.15 (Catalina), Apple introduced new security requirements for all remote support solutions (including our Take Control engines). Where these setting are enabled you can take control of the remote device, otherwise you can only observe when connected. These security setting is not configurable remotely and can only be setup by an admin rights level user on the local computer.

To reduce the volume of notification displayed to the end-user from our software and ensure all our installed applications have the required permissions, from Mac Monitoring Agent 3.4.0 RC we utilize Apple’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) framework.

To use this functionality, you must first request an Apple Push Notification certificate and upload this to your Dashboard. Once the certificate association is in place, we will prompt the end-user to enroll in our Mac Device Management service and apply the related profile when the Agent updates to version 3.4.0 RC or later.

Visit theMac Device Management section for further information.

Take Control (TeamViewer) on Mac Virtual Machines Permit connection to login screen
Take Control sessions may hang after entering the password in a locked Mac Virtual Machine’s login screen where the Take Control Configuration option Permit connection to login screen is enabled.

Microsoft Edge
The Dashboard is not supported by Microsoft Edge. To access the Dashboard when in Edge it is necessary to use the Open with Internet Explorer option available from its More Actions drop-down (...).