Uninstall Service Desk

The Service Desk integration may be uninstalled from the Dashboard via Settings, PSA Integration,Uninstall.

Uninstall Service Desk presents two removal options.

The first deregisters the Dashboard with the Service Desk account, with all information and active Staff Users retained within Service Desk.

This option may be used if you wish to continue using Service Desk without the Dashboard association or when intending to reinstall the integration.

Although the Dashboard association no longer exists you will continue to be billed for active Staff Users.

The second (Delete Service Desk) not only deregisters the Dashboard with the Service Desk account, but also deletes the Service Desk account completely.

This complete removal is actioned via the Delete Service Desk option.

Once the Delete Service Desk command is actioned it is not possible to restore the removed information.

Enter the password you have logged on to the Dashboard under to confirm the Service Desk uninstall.

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