Prerequisite API Key

The integration utilizes the Data Extraction API to generate tickets and transfer information from the Dashboard into Service Desk.

As such it is necessary to ensure an API Key is created for the Dashboard before setting up the integration.

The API Key may be viewed, or (re)generated, in the Dashboard from Settings, General Settings, API when logged on using an account with enhanced permissions, for example a Superuser or (non-Classic) Administrator level access, a login with the required General permissions enabled or the Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled).

Simply click Generate to create an API Key where one does not exist and to change the existing API Key click Regenerate*.


* The API Key may be regenerated as often as required, with each generation overwriting the existing key.

Please be aware that if you regenerate a new key then anything that uses the existing key to authenticate against the Public API will stop working, including the Service Desk integration.

As such once the integration is setup, any changes to the Dashboard API Key must be communicated to Service Desk and this can be achieved in one of two ways.


Go to Settings, PSA Integration and Send the MAX RM API Key to Service Desk entering the password you have logged on to the Dashboard under to confirm.

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Service Desk

Go to Manage MAX RM, API Keys. Replace the current API Key with the newly created token from the Dashboard and click Update Max RM