Run Managed Patch

Script Type: Bash

Installing updates can ensure the smooth running of the computer as well as provide protection by patching any discovered security vulnerabilities.

To simplify this process, the Managed Patch task automatically deploys verified Apple OS and third-party updates for supported products (not including Mac App Store purchases).

Pre-release, the updates go through the vendor's own QA process. As a safeguard to ensure these updates successfully install and do not contain any notable bugs, the Mac Agent team manually test and verify all patches before they are approved for production via the Managed Patch task.

The Mac Agent team generally perform around a week of testing, before marking a patch as production ready. However, when a vendor releases a critical patch, for example to fix a security hole, it may be moved to production far faster. Indeed, depending on its criticality it may immediately to production to deploy the update and plug the hole as quickly as possible.

The Task output contains its success status.

We suggest installing the Managed Patch Status Script Check which queries the device to return information most recent Managed Patch installations. This script alerts if patch installs have failed, or if patches are queued and pending user logout.

Parameters Note

Apple Updates

Include Apple patches


Install patches as soon as they become available (not tested or verified)


Only install tested and verified patches

Only run script if user is logged out

The user receive aa notification if they are logged in when the task tries to run, prompting them to logout.

Hide macOS notification when script is run This option allows you to run the task without notifying the user.

Managed Patch For Mac

Use the Managed Patch For Mac Report to view the patches on each device and their status.

Patch Repositories

The following repositories are maintained and updated nightly with the latest versions of the software.

  • Realtime Patch List: Last seven days of changes to the third-party and Apple patch repository
  • Third Party Patch List: Complete list of third-party updates in Managed Patch repository
  • Apple Patch List: Complete list of Apple updates in the Managed Patch repository