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RI Security Scan - Internal Security Scan Report

The Internal Security Scan Report is based on the information returned from the RI Security Scan Automated and contains the vulnerability results for the selected device, exposing the Operating System and installed application security risks.

Device Details

The first section provides basic information on the date and time the Assessment Completed, along with Device identifiers including its IP address, Host name and Operating System Platform.

Severity Summary

The Severity Summary section contains the discovered vulnerabilities grouped by their CVSS Severity level: High, Medium or Low.

This section is split into Vulnerabilities by CVSS Severity and Patches by CVSS Severity (where this information is available) including the total number of items for each severity along with their graphical representation. Hover over a segment to display the number of items it contains along with its percentage value.

Details about Scoring

CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) provides standardised scoring with each vulnerability assigned a severity of High, Medium or Low.

A vulnerability with a High level of severity will fail PCI compliance whereas vulnerabilities with Medium or Low severity levels will generally pass PCI compliance.

CVSS Score


7.0 - 10.0


4.0 - 6.9


0.0 - 3.9


Vendor Information

If the information is available the Report contains details of those vendors where a vulnerability and / or missing patch was discovered for their products, including a list of potential fixes. To provide an indication of issue coverage for each of these vendors, the percentage of issues in this report are related to this vendor is also displayed.

Show Report Details

Click Show Report Details to list information on the discovered vulnerabilities along with their CVSS score and an External Identifiers vendor reference and / or link to the National Vulnerability Database for additional details.

This section also displays the open and listening TCP/IP Network Ports on the device and a link to the IANA Port References.

Click Hide Report Details to contract this section.

View as PDF

To view the Report as a PDF simply click the PDF Version to open the PDF Report in a new window. Please note that the PDF version contains the Device Details, Severity Summary and Show Report Details sections.


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