Risk Intelligence Portal - View Scan Results and Reports

The Risk Intelligence portal provides historical information and Reports based on the Risk Intelligence scan results.

From the Monitoring Dashboard

To access the Risk Intelligence portal from the product navigator.

  1. Click on product navigator in the top right corner.
  2. Select Risk Intelligence from the available products.

The Risk Intelligence portal supports Single Sign-on and automatically logs you in.

Log directly into the Risk Intelligence Portal

To access the Risk Intelligence portal.

  1. Go to https://us.ri.logicnow.com/
  2. Enter your Risk Intelligence Username and Password (and where configured your current Two-factor Authentication code) to log into the Single Sign-on service

Navigating the portal


The Dashboard provides an overview of the state of those devices running Risk Intelligence scans. This view uses widgets to display this information and to ensure this matches your precise requirements you can choose to add, remove and rename widgets, as well as reset to the default view.

View and Manage

Go to View and Manage > Scan Results to display all devices running Risk Intelligence scans.

This view groups devices by scan Start time (newest to oldest), with the ability to filter the results through the column header search fields.

Double-click on a specific scan to view it's results, or click the device button to view information on a device and all the scans that ran on it. Click View against a scan for its results.

Scan Configuration allows you to create and manage your custom Risk Intelligence Scan types.


The Reports view provides trend and baseline information per Client, ordered by Client name. The Risk Intelligence scans correlate to the following reports:

Automated Task/Scan


Operating System

MAX RI Security Scan

Internal Security Scan



Internal PCI Security Scan


MAX RI Data Breach Scan

Data Breach Risk


Custom Scans

Analytic Trend and Baseline Reports corresponding to the Scan Type


Custom File Finder Scan

File Finder Scan Report


We have include a number of report customization options. Select the currency symbol, set the Security Liability amount, configure file or folder Exclusions for the Data Breach Scan or create a File Removal Script for unprotected data.

The account level configuration settings for Currency Symbol and Security Liability Amount and Manage Global Policy File Exclusions were migrated from the Risk Intelligence portal to the Monitoring Dashboard. Previously these settings were accessible from Misc Settings in the Risk Intelligence portal.

Although these Account Settings values are configured in Windows policies, they apply account-wide and are not specific to the policy they were configured in.