Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Risk Intelligence Portal - View Scan Results and Reports

The Risk Intelligence portal provides Reports and historical information on the scan results, for Windows the current report is also available from the Automated Tasks More Information section.

The portal is accessed from the Click here to access your Risk Intelligence dashboard link in the More Information dialog of an Automated Task (Windows) or

You can also setup a Risk IntelligenceExternal Link in the Remote Management Dashboard.

At the login screen enter the credentials used to access the Remote Management Dashboard, please note that when using the portal for the first time the user is prompted to accept the credentials association


Once in the portal navigate to View and Manage, Scan Results to display all device running Risk Intelligence scans. Select a device, choose Scan for additional information then view the corresponding Report, whilst Reports provides trend and baseline information per Client.

The Risk Intelligence scans correlate to the following reports:

Automated Task/Scan


Operating System

MAX RI Security Scan

Internal Security Scan



Internal PCI Security Scan


MAX RI Data Breach Scan

Data Breach Risk


Custom Scans

Analytic Trend and Baseline Reports corresponding to the Scan Type


Custom File Finder Scan

File Finder Scan Report


We have include a number of report customization options. Select the currency symbol, set the Security Liability amount, configure file or folder Exclusions for the Data Breach Scan or create a File Removal Script for unprotected data.

Account Settings

We have migrated the account level configuration settings for Currency Symbol and Security Liability Amount and Manage Global Policy File Exclusions from the Risk Intelligence portal to the Monitoring Dashboard.

Previously these settings were accessible from Misc Settings in the Risk Intelligence portal.

They are now available in General, Account Setting when editing or adding a Risk Intelligence Policy in the Monitoring Dashboard.

Although these Account Settings values are configured in Windows policies, they apply account-wide to both Windows and Mac computers. They are not specific to the policy they were configured in.