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Risk Intelligence - Windows

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The Risk Intelligence module is included from Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent version 9.13.8 onwards with the Automated Tasks required to run the PCI DSS, Data Breach and Security Scans managed through a Risk Intelligence Policy*.


Go to Settings, Risk Intelligence, Policy to configure the policies; including their schedule: daily, weekly, monthly or manual (on-demand). Once a policy is setup it can be deployed across multiple devices from Settings, Risk Intelligence, Settings as well as on individual devices through their Edit dialog, Risk Intelligence.


In addition to Risk Intelligence - Windows - Quick Start Guide, the following sections provides a more detailed view on Risk Intelligence and its configuration in Windows.


Create a Risk Intelligence Policy

Enable Risk Intelligence and select Policy

Manually run a Risk Intelligence Scan

View Scan Results and Reports

Non_Policy Risk Intelligence Automated Task Conversion


Account Settings

We have migrated the account level configuration settings for Currency Symbol and Security Liability Amount and Manage Global Policy File Exclusions from the Risk Intelligence portal to the Monitoring and Management Dashboard.


Previously these settings were accessible from Misc Settings in the Risk Intelligence portal.


They are now available in General, Account Setting when editing or adding a Risk Intelligence Policy in the Monitoring and Management Dashboard.


Although these Account Settings values are configured in Windows policies, they apply account-wide to both Windows and Mac computers. They are not specific to the policy they were configured in.