Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence, enables companies to quickly and easily perform ongoing risk assessments within their IT environment, calculating the real-time risk of a data breach and assigning a monetary value to it. This is achieved by through scans on the target device including the system PCI DSS, Data Breach, Expanded Data Breach, and Security Scans along with the option to create your own custom scans.

Through Risk Intelligence it is possible to:

  • Gain visibility of any sensitive data on the device: easily identify unprotected data and its location -  including highly-sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Credit Card Numbers, dates of birth, government issued identification, and financial account numbers - to understand how an attacker would compromise it, and how much a data breach would cost.
  • Minimize the risk of a data breach: avoid cost-prohibitive and crippling data breaches; which can be detrimental not only to the business itself, but also its reputation.
  • Build a business case for security projects: understand the total risk exposure within the IT environment in monetary terms and use this insight to connect security to business value; to help justify the resources and expenditure required to better safeguard data.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance: satisfy a host of highly punitive compliance requirements that mandate periodic risk assessments and audits, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and FINRA.
  • Offer more holistic security: data-centric approach to security that addresses unprotected data, regardless of where it lives.

Risk Intelligence is available for Windows devices.

Communication URLs and Data Hosting

Risk Intelligence communicates through TCP port 80 and TCP port 443 and requires access to app.iscanonline.com and us.ri.logicnow.com

Please be aware that the initial release of Risk Intelligence the uploaded data is only hosted in the US.


Although Risk Intelligence utilizes system Automated Tasks and is a separately billable feature.

Risk Intelligence (RI) Abbreviation

Please note that depending on the context, Risk Intelligence may be abbreviated to RI.

Dashboard user access to, and usage of this feature is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.

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