Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Automatic Deployment from the Repository - YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified)

There are a number of ways the Linux Agent Repository location can be added to the device and the following examples are based on yum - Yellowdog Updater Modified.

Create a .repo file in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory pointing to the repository

Add a repository reference to /etc/yum.conf

In any case it is necessary to login as root to action the required changes.

The repository information required to populate these fields is contained in the .repo file for that specific Linux distribution and build available from the repository.

After adding the repository it may be necessary to import the required GPG key and this can be achieved with the rpm - import command, referencing the repomd.xml.key in the repodata directory of the repository.

# rpm --import http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/repodata/repomd.xml.key

Once the repository is setup and GPG key imported, to deploy the Agent rmmagent.rpm package run the yum install command including the architecture of the device the Agent is to be installed upon (i.e. i386 or x86_64).

# yum install rmmagent.i386
# yum install rmmagent. x86_64

After installation Register the Agent on the Dashboard