Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Remote Worker Agent Installation

The Remote Worker Site Installation Package is available from the Dashboard Agent menu when logged in as a user with Site Installation Package permissions enabled for their login.

This installer is aimed at non-Active Directory networks or for Active Directory computers (laptops) that are infrequently connected to the network.

  1. Go to Agent
  2. Download Agent
  3. Download Site Installation Package
  4. Note: Dashboard 6.35 removed the Agent Key password requirement when creating a package

  5. Choose the Client, Site for the package and Agent version
  6. This dialog is Client Group aware and only lists those Clients assigned to the logged in user

  7. Configure the Address, Port, Username and Password where the Network uses Proxy Server (optional)
  8. Download the Remote Worker version of the package (Agent_*

Deploy the Agent

  1. Distribute the Remote Worker Site Installation Package to the target users
  2. Once received the user saves the file on their computer
  3. They then unpack the Agent_* file
  4. In the unpacked folder they double-click on Agent_*_RW.exe to begin the installation process
  5. No further dialogs are displayed as the Agent silently installs without any end user interaction

Site Installation Package Download

To aid identification, each package filename includes the Client, Site and installer type (GP Group Policy or RW Remote Worker).


The Remote Worker Site Installation Package only contains the Agent_*.exe file.

Where a Monitoring Template is selected for the device, it is not included in the package but downloaded directly from the Dashboard as part of the installation process. This ensures the latest version of the template is always applied.

User Credentials

To avoid authentication problems if the credentials (username or password) used to create the Site Installation Package change, we suggest generating a new package based on the update credentials then use this for subsequent Agent deployments.

Agent: Download Site Installation Package


View Package Information


Select Client, Site and Agent Version


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